Enabling ASEAN’s Green Transition in a Digital World

Achieving sustainability goals while promoting economic growth has posed a complex challenge for many countries worldwide. This is especially so in ASEAN where many countries are still developing. In a post-COVID-19 world, this is made more challenging as governments adopt economic stimulus measures to speed up socio-economic recovery. As climate challenges continue to mount, governments and businesses must explore viable green solutions for the economy to grow without impeding the path to a sustainable future. Navigating a green transition to achieve net-zero emissions is a crucial step in enabling sustainable economic growth.

Effective utilisation of digital technologies can aid in ASEAN’s green transition. This presents a unique growth opportunity, where policymakers and businesses can collaborate to transform industries, create new jobs, and drive innovation while safeguarding the planet for future generations.

The Sustainable World Forum (SWF) will explore the following questions:

  • What are the challenges and opportunities that ASEAN countries face in working towards a green transition?
  • How can the region leverage digital and technological advancements for green transition?
  • How can policymakers create a favourable business environment to facilitate this green transition? 


The SWF builds on the SIIA’s flagship event Sustainable World Resources (SWR) dialogue held in June 2023. While SWR touches on agribusiness and forestry topics, the SWF is meant to discuss other sustainability issues such as the role of financial institutions and digital technology in considering climate risks and driving ASEAN’s green transition.

Target Audience

ASEAN stakeholders will be invited to participate in person. These include delegates from government agencies, private sector representatives, especially those from the agribusiness and forestry sectors, financial institutions, non-governmental organisations, as well as academics and members of the media.


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About the SIIA’s Sustainability Programme

Our Sustainability Programme began in 1997 with the co-organised first dialogue on the critical haze problem. Our Programme has evolved to address a broader range of sustainability issues like agribusiness and forestry supply chains as well as leveraging green finance and climate concerns to advance ASEAN’s carbon goals. Since 2014, the Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources (SWR) provides a platform for discussion in the region about key sustainability challenges including the haze.

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