Sustainable World Forum (SWF) | 15 Nov 2023

Enabling ASEAN’s Green Transition in a Digital World


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Conference Highlights

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We released a special report – Incentivising Green Transition in ASEAN – at the forum.

This special report provides research and analysis on a pivotal challenge facing ASEAN in the coming decades: the need to balance economic growth while reducing its carbon footprint. The report identifies three key levers of change that could potentially catalyse ASEAN’s green transition. This includes efforts by the agribusiness, shifting away from carbon-intensive fossil fuels to renewable energy and the development of carbon markets. To successfully navigate this transition, ASEAN must adopt a regional approach that capitalises on the unique strengths of its member countries. The SIIA conducted interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders, including government bodies, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and academics to garner insights which feeds into this report.

Download the report here.

Press Release

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