About the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)

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The SIIA is a non-profit, independent think-tank committed to dialogues and policy analyses of regional and international issues. We aim to contribute to a region that is inclusive, peaceful, and prosperous – An integrated, sustainable, and globally competitive ASEAN and a Singapore that is an open, dynamic hub and responsive node.  

While providing a broad platform on global issues, the SIIA focuses on the region. Our work serves as a bridge between policymakers, business leaders, and other stakeholders to nudge policy change through dialogue and collective action. Our events serve as platforms for discourse and collaboration for different sectors and countries.  

We have been consistently ranked as one of the leading think tanks in Southeast Asia and the Pacific, in the Global Go-To Think Tank Index by the University of Pennsylvania. Since 2017, the SIIA was ranked the No. 1 independent think tank in Asia. In 2020, we were also recognised as one of the think tanks with the best policy and institutional response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit us at www.siiaonline.org. 

About the SIIA’s Sustainability Programme

Our Sustainability Programme began in 1997 with the co-organised first dialogue on the critical haze problem. Our Programme has evolved to address a broader range of sustainability issues like agribusiness and forestry supply chains as well as leveraging green finance and climate concerns to advance ASEAN’s carbon goals. Since 2014, the Singapore Dialogue on Sustainable World Resources (SWR) provides a platform for discussion in the region about key sustainability challenges including the haze.